Eh?, [[MORE]]godamn I hate humanities so much. There is...
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godamn I hate humanities so much. There is this one btich at my table (but who am I kidding, they all suck) so we had handouts to read, and this one girl got up to grab them for the whole table. and the other girl told me to get up and get it myself, and I told her to shutup. I hate going to that class. ughhh~~~~ do you think I over reacted, cause I usually get it myself, but the girl who grabbed it was happy, and she didn’t mind. yeah. we’re doing eassay writing, and if you know me well enough, my english is just terrible. yeah :\\

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  1. captaintoedrag said: that was uncalled for for her to tell you to get up and get your own like did she get up and get her own? like wtf but I mean maybe you didn’t have to tell her to shut up its kind of rude and you never wanna go down to their level but w/e she’s rude too
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